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Services we offer  

Our Dental Team is well versed in all areas of dentistry.

The dental team at Highland Dental Care has expertise in all kinds of cosmetic dentistry. The team at Highland Dental will give you complete information about the dental treatments and also tell you what type of dental treatment would be suitable for your teeth. The team is highly skilled in correct diagnosis of any dental disorder and suggests the right treatment for the oral health and care of your teeth. You can also contact Highland Dental Care to know about cosmetic dentistry St. Paul for treatment of all kinds of dental disorders. You can also fix an appointment to get same day Cerec Crowns at the cosmetic dentistry St. Paul. Here are some of the affordable dental services offered at this dentistry.

•  Oral Hygiene
•  Dental Cleaning

•  Sealants
•  Tooth-Colored Fillings
•  Crowns
•  Veneers
•  Gum Treatments

Technologies we offer
At Highland Dental Care, we use a range of advanced technologies to treat various kinds of dental disorders and give you a healthy and perfect looking smile. The equipment used at Highland Dental Care is ideal for detection of any kind of dental disorder at early stages and also for providing customized solutions. Some of the equipment used here.

•  Diagnodent
•  Intraoral Camera
• Soft Tissue Laser
• Cerec


To read about these procedures please visit  Dental Health Online.